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Crack Theatre - Journey to the Center of the House

Ed: Hey! We're here! I know you ordered us Friday night, but here we are Tuesday afternoon. We took the liberty of using a little alchemy to grease the wheels of the post office, hope that's ok!
Al: Hi! Wow, am I glad we got here, that box sure was stuffy. How are you? We're as excited to be here as you are to have us here.
Ed: Yeah, what he said, I guess. This is a nice place, so where's our room?

Al: Is she breathing?
Ed: I think so, she seems to be drooling.
Al: I'm not sure about that glazed look in her eyes.
Ed: That would be 'manic' Al, don't make any sudden moves, start edging toward the box.
Al: This was all your idea.
Ed: How did I know all the lunatics lived in the south, I was coming for the sun!

Crack Theatre Proudly Presents, in conjunction with OMFG MEDICOM:

( Escape from The Kitchen Table )

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