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29 January 2007 @ 10:04 pm
Forbidden Fruit (Mustang x Hughes)  
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Forbidden Fruit
Author: SeaweedOtter
Theme(s): #9- Rush ; Thrill ; Exhilaration
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Maes Hughes
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Set soon after the pair returned from Ishbal. I don't own anything here.
Summary: The thrill of a first kiss is only made more exhilarating when it is forbidden.

The room had a thick haze permiating the air. It caused Maes to choke from time to time, when he was foolish enough to suck in too hard of a breath. His companion was having a much easier time of it, his lungs being used to the thick, acrid stench of smoke and ash.