The Magdalen Writing (nebroadwe) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Magdalen Writing

Fanfic: Light the Traveler Home (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Title: Light the Traveler Home
Fandom: FMA (manga version)
Character(s): Winry, Ed, Al, Pinako and Den
Pairing(s): Ed/Winry. Sort of. If you look veeery closely ...
Rating: G
Word Count: ~6100
Warnings: None. This piece presupposes the events of chapter 44 without explicitly quoting them. Timeline? What timeline?
A/N: This piece was begun (but, alas, not finished in time) for the ed_winry community's Christmas Challenge, ostensibly to the prompt "research at the library". Unfortunately, one small piece of information Ed found while doing said research quickly pushed the story off in an utterly different direction. I could weep (I work in a library!), except that I rather like this window into Amestrian solstice celebrations and Winry's relationship with the Elric brothers. Maybe I'll have them visit the library another day. Crossposted from nebroadwe to Höllenbeck (i.e. hagaren_manga, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma, ed_winry, winrylovers, fma_writers and fma_fiction).
Dedication: For light_rises, who codified the Third Commandment of FMA Romance: "Thou shalt not write long and involved Ed/Win fics which give the impression that Al (a) is unimportant or (b) never existed."

Winry had tried to distribute the charms evenly in the top layer and it seemed to have worked for the most part. In her own piece she found the six-cen coin, for riches -- "I know that's true; I wrote your bill up this morning, Ed!" -- but Pinako pulled out both the wedding ring and the bachelor's button -- "Does that mean you're going to get married again, Granny? Or not?" "It means that all this fortune-telling is superstitious silliness, child" -- which left Al, investigating his slice with the care of a mountain-climber testing the stability of a snow-field, to open the paper containing the crown. "I get to be Yole King!" he exclaimed.

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