ushigami (ushigami) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Sketch dump, with some FMA :D

Here's a sketch dump I did. All are relatively worksafe, but as per usual, not entirely brainsafe. All the FMA pics are at the top of the cut, so you can skip over the other pics if you'd like.

Sailor!Havoc (not of the Bishoujo Senshi variety, mind you) makes his debut here, as well as slutty femme!Ed and slutty femme!Roy. Roy might be a bit borderline not worksafe, but he's near the end of the FMA sketches, so you can avoid him.

Of course, there is also Envy, FTW.

A warning, though, to those who have a slow internet connection. This post is image heavy, so it may take a while to download.

( Let's follow the fake cut to the crack! :D )

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