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Title: Oreos
Rating: Dunno yet...probably at least PG-13
Pairing: RoyxEd
Dedication to cuylerjade b/c she gave me this awesome idea.
A/N: RoyxEd stuff is not's like the cream in the middle of an oreo. Fluffy and yummy. ^-^

Ed tried very hard to explain to Al how his relationship with Roy was. It was quiet complicated and hard to describe (mainly because he didn't want to mention the sex to his brother).

" can't be serious about the man! He's...well...he's old!" Al said, trying not to be rude but at the same time feeling very over-protective. Not that he could say much...after getting his body back, one of the first things Al did was find his own lover.

"So what?!" Ed crossed his arms angrily. "Let me put it to you this way,'ve eaten oreos right?"

"You mean those cookies you brought back from Germany?"

"Ya those...y'know how it has that really yummy stuff in the middle, right?" When Al nodded mutely, Ed continued, "Well that's what our relationship is like. The middle stuff of an oreo."

"How does that work?!" Al demanded.

"Look,'ve got your love...can't I have mine?" This was the fifth time that he and Al had gone over this...each time using a different example of what their relationship was like.

"Explain the oreo thing first..."

"Well...the cream filling is soft and makes you feel warm when you eat it right?"

"I guess."

"Well, that's how I feel about Roy. He's wonderfully warm when he hugs me, and everything he does is's love."

"Fine..." Al gave up, that was the weirdest thing he'd ever heard of...but it did work. He had to give it to his brother. " can date him."


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