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RP Pimpage And Cosplay Photos

I'm here to advertise two roleplays, and to show some cosplay pictures so the post has some substance at least.

Meillure Academy

This is a Multi-fandom AU High School Role Play. There are both magical (wandless) and standard lessons at this boarding school set in Boston, Massachusetts. We currently have no FMA characters, but we would absolutely love to have some. Also, this IS Het/Yaoi/Yuri friendly, and is a crack role play. We are also looking for a Kaoru and Mori from Ouran Host Club!

Profile/Rules/Taken Characters | Application Post

Lifestream RP

Welcome to Spira. You have somehow been swept into the Lifestream - the stream that connects the worlds and the living from the dead realms. Your soul was not released from your body, so you travelled until you reached the last world on the stream's course: Spira. Here you were deposited and here you now live - having to make your own way in a strange world and trying to find your feet.

We currently have an Edward, a Roy, and a Psiren. Please note that Edward follows anime canon. Our Roy, however, is a combination of Manga and Anime Roy. If you plan on signing up as an Alphone, Riza, or Winry, please refer to these linked backgrounds. This rp is also Het/Yaoi/Yuri friendly, although it is not a crack rp.

Once we have more people signed up, we do plan on having special events, encompassing plots, and style it more as an online D&D style game.

Profile/Rules/Taken Characters | Application Post | Main Setup Posts

I mod both games, so if you have any questions about either, comment here or poke me on AIM: barunesusa2, or email me at If by chance I'm not on, you may also contact our other mod at AIM: PeppitasShoes or

I also have some cosplay pictures I finally got around to uploading. I cosplayed as Edward Elric, Pride!Ed, and Miniskirt!Hakwye at Sakura Con 2006. Follow This Link To My Cosplay Gallery
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