The Freak (_shinchansgirl_) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Freak

Fic Exchange!

Hey everyone! I'm here to pimp a fic exchange writersfunk is hosting for Valentine's Day. Since our last exchange was a little bare, we're hoping to get some more participation - so come on over and help us out! Open fandom/open pairing.


January 17-28: Register for the V-day Valentines (the exchange)
January 20-30: Choose assignments
February 14: Post fics

Just for some clarification, you do NOT have to make a request to take a claim. If you do want to take a claim, but not make a request, you can choose from either the "open requests" or the "other requests" (requests from a person who has already had one request claimed).

In order to make a request, you MUST claim a fic, but that does not have to be done until January 30th.

*NOTE: Please remember that, by submitting a challenge, you are in fact agreeing to write something in return.

Click here find out more/sign-up.

MODS: if this is not allowed, please feel free to delete this post.

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