seaweed_fma (seaweed_fma) wrote in fm_alchemist,

2 stories... (Regrets and Dressing Down Mustang x Hughes)

This is a single post for two different stories, both Roy x Hughes. One is called Regrets. The other is called Dressing Down. I hadnt intended it, but 4 stories I wrote individually became an arc. (And there is a decent chance more may be added to it).

Author/Artist: SeaweedOtter
Characters: Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes
Rating: PG-13 for some light sexual content
Disclaimer: Set around Episode 25. The last time Roy talked to Hughes, got angry and slammed the phone. There was no way he could tell him goodbye.
Copyrights: I dont own the characters, of course.

Although it was unintended, I seem to be writing alot of stories about the same general thing, and they seem to be merging into one giant arc.

I would suggest:
Mind Games first,
Regrets second,
Dressing Down third, and
Click last.
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