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Illustrated Fic: P.U.S.H.

Title: P.U.S.H.
Authors:scribeoffate and artisticentropy
Genre: AU
Pairings:Mostly Gen, later chapters have hints of Ling/Ed, also vauge one sided Roy/Ed if you squint
Warnings: Spoilers for everything eventually, movie, series and the manga.
Disclaimer:Not Ours
Summary:AU series rewrite. Hohenheim and Dante found a way to stabilize their bodies. Now a more controlling military has gained guardianship of the Elric brothers. Can Ed and Al discover a way to put things right in a world shaped in unexpected ways by Hohenheim’s discovery?

( P.U.S.H. Prologue )

( P.U.S.H. Chapter One: Be Thou For the State )

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