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I haven't written anything but literary analysis papers all year, so don't be too harsh, if you please...

Also watch out for falling spoilers.

Title: Sourire (to smile)
Character: Izumi Curtis of FMA
Type: angst, introspection... just drabble

It had been nearly an hour since he had stopped breathing.

The young woman remained bent over, knees against the hard wood floor, cradling the pale-faced body in her shaking arms. She rocked slowly, weeping against tightly closed eyelids as her rattling breath heaved, filling the otherwise silent room with the extent of her anguish.

It’s not fair…

She screamed at herself for the millionth time since the child’s unceremonious birth. The air shook with the unholy cry as if the very gates of hell had creaked open to expose the charred and eternally dying flesh of the damned. It was a cry not of the living world. I cry that only a grieving mother could produce.

There has to be something… Anything. This isn’t right; this isn’t fair…there is no equivalent trade here.

There is no God here…

Clutching the cold mass of her stillborn child to her breast, she stood.

There is no God here...

And with one final shuddering gasp, she strode defiantly out into the storm-clouded night. If she hurried… all was not yet lost.

As the woman pushed off from shore in the small boat, rain began to fall. Conscience pounding in her ears, she moved to shield the baby’s face from the falling droplets. His tiny eyelashes, the little fingers… Everything about him taunted her.


Her strong hands smoothed the folds of the blanket as she laid him next to her and began to row towards the island immersed in the stormy mist.

She was not yet sure of how to accomplish what had to be done. But she was willing to try.

Izumi Curtis would give her life to see him smile.
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