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Maybe an answer to one of my previous questions...

In episode 40 " The Scar", there is a scene where a much younger Scar and a group of Ishbalans are confronted by Kimbley in the desert. In that scene, Kimbley gives him the scar, and then takes his right arm. Scar blacks out and when he comes to, he has his brother's arm. His brother is laying next to him, and they start to talk. Scar asks him about his arm, asks "What did you do?" and the brother answers "The souls of all the people that are in me, I have given them all to you, Al."
He actually calls Scar 'Al' in that scene.. so Scar *DOES* have a name!!!!! Listen to the DVD, it is towards the end of the episode, and make sure I am not imagining things!!!! I listened to it in the American dub. If you listen to the original Japaneese with American subtitles his name isnt mentioned, and if you listen to the American dub with the American subtitles, the subtitling is exactly the same as the Japaneese, and his name isnt mentioned. But, like I said, if you listen to the American voice actors, he gives him the name Al!!!!

So.. was I right that he really does have a name???
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