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Some questions....

I have a few questions about FMA. I am really starting to get into it.. alot.. and I want to understand a few things.

They are questions with spoilers, so I am going to ask them behind a cut, but I really hope I can get some answers..

First one is at the end of the anime, episode 51, Hawkeye shoots Archer and finds Mustang crumpled to the ground.. Did Hawkeye shoot him, or was it Archer that shot Roy? I read one fanfic that said that Hawkeye did, but it never seemed to resolve in the anime. So is there an "official" (canon) answer?

Second, I also read in many fanfics that Roy seems to have some Xingian, or half Xingian heritage. Is that something in canon "official" as well, or is it just something that alot of fanics like to speculate? It would certainly explain why he looks more "eastern" than the rest of them.

Third, Riza says in the anime that there is someone she needs to protect. I know it is Roy, but why does she need to protect them? What is thier history? (I guess it is never official in canon that they.. like each other, but they sure seem close..) I think it has something to do with Riza's grandfather, doesnt it?

In the anime, Maes Hughes tells Roy he wasnt there in the Ishbal Rebellion, but was I was quickly looking thru one of the mangas in a bookstore today I thought there was a panel where Roy and Maes and a young Alex Armstrong were in the rebellion.. so which was it?

I apologize. I have seen all the anime, in fact I am watching it now as I type this. But I just started reading the manga, and I can tell it is alot different. I dont really understand why, and I dont really know which to go by. I guess that kinda divides this fandom, maybe? Does it?

Okay I guess will stop asking questions. Sorry.

Oh yeah.. one more.. in one episode of the anime, I forgot which one.. sorry.. in a flashback, doesnt Scar's brother call out to him, and use the name "Al"? So is that Scar's name??
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