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My posts here are always so pointless...but I do it anyway. But at least it IS related to FMA in some way? o.O;

Anyway if something like what you're about to read occurs, you know you're obsessed... @_@

Juuleh: Mom best buy me the other car soon
Juuleh: >=|
AnkoSama: Heh heh.
Juuleh: o_o;
AnkoSama: I best get my license soon.
Juuleh: Yeah
Juuleh: >_> so you can come get me
AnkoSama: Seriously...
AnkoSama: Yup!
Juuleh: Lol
Juuleh: If Alyx stays
Juuleh: imma pick you two up in my Mustang
AnkoSama: But I'm really bad with directions. I hardly pay attention to where I'm going <_>
Juuleh: and we're going to pimp the streets like no other
Juuleh: O_o
AnkoSama: sorry....
Juuleh: o_o;.........................
Juuleh: Um
AnkoSama: My favorite FMA character's last name is Mustang
Juuleh: ..You ok?
AnkoSama: Rofl.
Juuleh: Lol
AnkoSama: *_*
Juuleh: >_>
Juuleh: well
AnkoSama: Roy Mustang
AnkoSama: :D!
Juuleh: you can pet my car and imagine it is him
Juuleh: >_>
AnkoSama: LOL!

AnkoSama: If/when you do get a Mustang, Imma name it.......Roy...
AnkoSama: :D
Juuleh: Lol
AnkoSama: rofl.
Juuleh: Ok
Juuleh: =)


きょうできることおあしたまでのばすな。(Kyou dekiru koto o ashita made nobasu na.) Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
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