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[Fic] Descent, Chapter 2 (Al/Ed/Envy)

Title: Descent [Chapter 2]
Genre: Action, drama, horror.
Rating: NC-17 overall. This chapter, R for some violent images and language.
Pairing: None this chapter. Al/Ed/Envy-centric.
Spoilers: Wholesale manga and anime spoilers.
Word Count: 3,362
Notes: Alternate series ending. Elements of the anime and the manga are in this story.
Warnings: I am trying to err on the safer side of rating this fic, thus, the R-rating; my tolerance for violence is high, but ymmv.

Thank you, hieronymousb, for listening to me agonize for a whole month about this and looking over it. XD

Previous Chapters: Ch 1 <--If you haven't read this, you will be lost in Chapter 2.

Al knew that Ed wasn't sleeping. Ed didn't talk about it, but Alphonse knew it anyway.

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