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Some FMA art..

These are some slightly older pieces of FMA art that I have done. These are the first ones that I did, so be gentle. I am still learning. I do have some newer art, but it isnt scanned yet. I will try to get it posted soon. So tell me what you think, please!

A notebook page full of Alphonse scribbles. Done totally in black pen.

A close up of Al's head, done totally in blue pen.

Another Al pic, this time sketched in ink, then colored in Photoshop. I dont like it as much though.

Chibi-ish Al with kitty. Okay, but not a favorite of mine.

The main reason I have been doing Al is because I really cant draw human faces. In the last couple of days I have given it a try with limited success, hopefully soon I can draw the character I really want to- Hughes. *girlish swoon* Okay, so how did I do?

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