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EDIT!: I -knew- something was wrong. Somehow, my icon post on my LJ had reverted to an old one and was RUINED! About 40 of the icons went missing! So here, I reeditted that and this and all is good.

And to -Asuka- with the random LJ comment that was very nasty: ...Grow up. It was a very old post gone awry, I believe, when I changed the date set on the icon post.. Artists had already been creditted. Don't be nasty.

I have not posted here in about a billion years. This was going to be a 100 icon, but thanks to school I never completed it - so here are the 20 some odd Alter!Ed/Eduard based icons I did for your enjoyment. ^_^

Fullmetal Alchemist (CLICK HERE! ^_^)
       [23] Greed
       [16] Scar
       [04] Edward
       [20] Alter!Ed/Eduard
       [24] Misc. FMA Icons
Kingdom Hearts 2
       [03] Axel
       [07] Sora
       [01] Roxas

Rules for Usage:
1. Credit
2. Comment
3. If taking textless for a base, comment that you are.
4. Enjoy!
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