au contraire (__pants__) wrote in fm_alchemist,
au contraire

New FMA Community.

Presenting the fma_herald.

For the discerning reader; the FMA Herald bundles all your lj-community reading into one tidy regular post. With luck and barring complications, 'regular' should mean 'daily'.

These posts are the compendium of the Watch List, which contains all the active FMA communities (excluding RPGs) that I coud squirrel out of Livejournal. If you wish to have a community/journal added to the Watch List, enquire therein.

This digest is closely modeled after the excellent fullmetal_info and bleach_news and is currently under construction; there is still some hunting for comms to be done. Nonetheless, the first digest has been posted. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

The formation of this comm may or may not have had anything to do with Christmas drunkenness, hiding from relatives, and/or complete lack of a life on the part of our editor =P
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