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Been a while since I posted anything here. ^.^;;;;

I come bearing two fics that are currently in progress.

Title: The Yock Island Correctional School
Oh, pretty much everyone ever mentioned in the series; but it really centers around Al, Ed, and Roy.
Summary: For decades the Yock Island Correction School has taken in troubled youths and put them on the path of good. But all good things must come to an end, as must the bad. And it is from the inside that they crumble.
Disclaimer: If I owned FMA, then I wouldn't be poor and this wouldn't be a fanfic.
Rating: R/M
Warnings: AU; future violence, shounen ai, and possible yaoi; will definately include Ed/Roy and Ed/Al (not incestuously though), shooting for eventual Ed/Roy/Al; possible Fury/Schieska; other pairings to work themselves out as we go.
Notes: Okay, so this is a story that I'd been sitting on for the longest time but hadn't been doing anything with it. So, I guess this is technically a fusion 'cause this storyline was meant to be an original story. Anyways, as mentioned, I'm definately including Ed/Roy and Ed/Al, not incestuously because they're not brothers in this universe, but I'm shooting for Ed/Roy/Al, even if it just comes in in the end. Other pairings will probably include Hughes/Gracia, past-Hughes/Roy, Fury/Schieska, and I might pair the Tringhams up with someone (or each other...) depending on how things play out. I dunno, I'm kinda playing the details by ear.

Totally not a fake cut . . .


Title: Choose Your Adventure
Just about everyone
Summary: Everyone says that life has consequences, but few ever mention the choices that come before them. Two boys searching for their parents will learn the hard way that the choices they make may not result in the consequences they expected and, in the end, they may never be the same again.
Disclaimer: If I owned FMA then I wouldn’t be poor and this wouldn’t be fanfic.
Rating: We’re going with PG-13/T at this point.
Warnings: AU, language, and violence in future chapters.
Notes: So . . . Yeah, this is the second of my epic AU!FMA fics. This one wasn’t planned, it just kinda smacked me in the head and wouldn’t let go until I did something about it. Okay, I wasn’t exactly unwilling either.

So not a fake cut either . . . "

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