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Field Work (Havoc x Barry the Chopper (as #66) and possibly Breda x Barry the Chopper (still #66)

This was done for the fma_fuh_q community. Havoc was the person to write stories about this month. I have written 3 so far.
Go to Here for "Late Night Rendevous" (Havoc x Armstrong)
Go to Here for "Just Another Day at the Office" (Havoc x Hughes)

Title: Field Work
Author: SeaweedOtter
Genre: Slash, I guess?
Rating: NC-17 more for non-con and violence and character deaths
Pairing: Havoc X Barry the Chopper (as #66).. and possibly Breda x Barry the Chopper (also as #66)
Spoilers: None really. Set around the time of Labratory 5 in the anime, but it doesnt even come close to following the show.
Quote: "Hahah! Not an underwear wearin' man, are we?" he cackled.

Warning: This is EXTREMELY graphic, bloody and violent. If you dont like these things, then by all means DON'T READ THIS!!!

Havoc hated that he had been left to clean up some of the mess from the earlier fight...

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