ill_ame (ill_ame) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic - Soulless Introduction (Roy/Al)

Title: Soulless
Word Count: 1115
Rating: PG for slightly disturbing thoughts and situations, definitely subject to increase in later chapters.
Characters: Roy, Al, with tiny appearances by Knox and Edward.
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns not only FMA and all its characters, but my soul as well.
Notes: This is going to be my first chaptered fanfic. Ever. I'm not sure when Chapter One will be released, but I hope I can keep this going and not leave everyone in the lurch. Also, who knows if my speculations are at all alchemically possible? Let's just pretend it makes sense...
I'm dedicating this to the amazing mjules, because she wanted Roy/Al fic for Christmas. :)
Summary: Two days ago, he’d thought buttoning a shirt was easy.

Two days ago, he'd been proven wrong...

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