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Spam post. I suck;

Concerning recent 'accusations'

I do not know ALL of Alchemy. Neither did I claim to know it. Semi, IMO, means to know some of it. Sorry if I didn't say that? People in this community need to stop jumping to conclusions in all matters; I'm tired of it. Just like that person in the last post about the comm; this is getting truly riddiculous because there's no one to stop any of us from arguing. I don't back down easily, and neither do most people, so it's a continuing cycle.

STOP assuming, stop observing. Unless you know something as a FACT, do not make a comment. It's getting to the point that I'm going to make any and all posts I create 'no comments'. I don't care if anyone here cares about that, it's life, fuck off.
Most of you who commented are looking into what I saw WAY too much. Again, over-exaggeration. This was one word in which I used in a different context then everyone else uses it.. OMFGZ I GO HANG MESLF NOWZ!!11 SUGOI SUGOI. RELAX PEOPLE.

Now, enjoy a picture I hold dear to my heart (yes I'm immature, I never said I wasn't) ^_~

BTW, if you take this post seriously, you deserve to be shot. ZOMG. kthxbai <3
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