Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

We wish you a fluffy Christmas (Win/Rose- Pic)

... and a yuri new year!

Well, not quite Christmas, but winter-themed, so it's close enough.  I'll call this one my official christmas present to the fandom/community/whoever likes these cute girls.  This piece is a panel from the Winry/Rose doujinshi project I'm currently working on, which I decided to color.

Title- "Keep your hands warm"
Pairing- Winry/Rose
Rating- G

Rose isn't used to wearing gloves.

(Also has some preview shots of what I've been working on in the doujinshi.)

Bye now!  Love and Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, and have a great Festivus!

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