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new RP Community looking for FMA RPers

Title: Fantasy Cruises
Series: Multi-Fandom
Genre: post-game/movie, pre-game/movie, crossover, etc.
Format: Primarily journal, although AIM logs (posted to the community) are accepted
Rating: Acceptable for all ages

((I hope people don't mind my posting this here...I'm a founder of the community and a mod, and am looking for people to join and RP please do!!))

Fantasy Cruise
fantasy_cruise is a multi-fandom RP community, centered around people with random winning lottery tickets stuck on a cruise ship! We welcome any fandom - anime, tv shows, books - including original characters, as long as you have an actual storyline that fits in with the fandom they are from. Crack RP is of course allowed, but please keep it to a minimum.

How it starts...
You receive a lottery ticket in the mail, and the next day find out you are a winner (Super cool!). So, you take a taxi to the docks where it says to pick up your prize and lo and get on a cruise ship!
Not long after you board, the ship sets sail. You walk around the ship and see that there's lots to do - nightclubs, doors that lead to strange places that would have no room to be there if it was a traditional ship, and a message board where people can put out ads for roommates? What type of a place is this?? And the staff - just creepy. They're dressed all Hawaiian and stuff. So you settle into your room (which strangely looks like the one you have at home) and do some more exploring...and what you find, well..that's your choice.

The News Area
fc_ads is where you will find the ads that people post for roommate requirements - if they choose to have one. The dining room theme will change daily RP time (once a week real time) and the new theme will be posted by boatbot.

(1) No drama. If you have issues with someone or something, then contact a mod. That is what we are here for. This is pretty standard for any RP community so...we modlies are sorry if you don't like it but that is how we run things.

(2) No bashing other RPers. If you have some constructive criticism, then keep it private please. It can be hurtful when someone publically bashes you - or if an application is rejected. All application comments will be screened, so if your app is rejected for whatever reason, then it will not be made public if you don't want it to, in order to ensure that no one is needlessly embarassed. =)

(3) Keep swearing to a minimum please.

(4) Try not to ooc too much in the log area! The mb community fc_ads is not just for posting ads - its also an ooc place...but please label your post as ooc in the subject if it is not an 'ad' for a roommate.

(5) BE ACTIVE - post at least once per RP day (1 week real time). Failure to not post for 4 weeks will result in your removal, unless the mods are previously notified. We understand school and RL get in the way...but taking a character just to have it and then going inactive is unfair to everyone else in the community.

(6) Promote the RP in communities please. We are small and new, but hopefully will be growing fast. =)

(7) HAVE FUN!! This is the most important part of this community - have fun, laugh, and make new friends. :D

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