first edition painted lady (sutlers) wrote in fm_alchemist,
first edition painted lady

FIC: Horehound Drops (Roy/Ed/Al)

Title: Horehound Drops
Pairing: Roy/Ed/Al
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,869
Disclaimer: Not mine, blah blah, no money
Summary: He tells Hawkeye he is going home early and doesn’t question his choice of words until he is already out the door.
Notes: For slashfest, nymeria's request of "Roy/Ed/Al: the Elrics request a sick day, right when they're needed most in the office. Roy goes to their home to investigate and finds them having a lot more fun than sick people ought." I swear it is not as cheesily pornographic as it sounds.

It starts snowing around noon. There is a certain calmness to it, snow drifting slowly down, back and forth, melting on contact with the ground.

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