Rieka De-Volka (ranty_rie) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rieka De-Volka

[Fanfic] Greed/Envy - PG-13 - "He Smiles The Broken Smile."

Title: He Smiles The Broken Smile.
Pairing(s): Greed(human)/Envy, Greed/Envy.
Beta: None, all mistakes my own.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Drama.
Warnings: For Greed and Envy being you-know-who.
Feedback: Very welcome, please!
Word Count: 677.
Summary: He used to have a pretty smile. Too pretty to be human, too perfect to be real. Now he smiles the broken smile, and Envy can’t but hate him a little more each time.
Author's Notes: Done for my drabble requests for Christmas, for sacralgral, who requested a long-term relationship between Envy and Greed, without the usual violence between them. I hope she doesn’t mind I adapted her prompt a little.

( But perfect died out quickly, and She had had many lovers, as many as the years he had existed. Lovers that bloomed in Spring and died in Winter, forgotten and replaced before a full month was over. She was not meant to mourn, because mourning required loving, and She was not a loving creature. But Winter came and went, and for some reason this lover stayed. )
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