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Untitled Genderswitch - Chapter 3 - Roy/Femme!ED


Title: Untitled
Rating: NR-17 (probably)
Chapter Rating: PG
Pairing: Femme!Ed/Roy
Beta: sapphyre_kikyo  
Summary: Roy's bitter due to the ungrateful/rude way Edward has treated him since she left the military 2 years ago.  How will he handle her showing up and making one of the biggest request he'd ever heard?
Note: I guess I should come up with a title for this, huh?  As alway - Comments, suggestion, flames, and such are welcomed.
Previous parts: Chapter 1  -  Chapter 2

"Let's get this over with."

The blouse silently fell to the carpeted floor.

It took  bit of effect on Roy's part, but he somehow managed to keep his jaw
from falling along with the discarded clothing.

Roy stood there staring for awhile - long enough to realize that he probably
shouldn't be staring that long, hell, he shouldn't be staring at all.

He'd just never pictured Edward as a 'pink lace' kind of girl...

Fumbling with his own morals (he really, really should look away,)he quickly
retrieved the shirt and thrust it back to a puzzled looking Ed, and finally,
looked away.

"Okay..." she started, sliding the shirt back on, "Didn't picture you as the
squeamish type... but if the automail bugs you that much, I'll keep it

She thought it was about the automail?! He quickly informed her that it had
nothing to do with her metal limbs, and soon found himself blinking dazed up
at his living room ceiling.

He stared at the roof until a slightly blurred Ed leaned over and glared
down at him, arms thankfully crossed – she hadn't bothered to button up her
shirt yet.

"Don't you fucking dare start with the 'Flat Chested' jokes, Mustang – I
heard enough of those while working with you to last me two lifetimes." she

What the hell? He hadn't said anything about her chest...wait, did she think
that was why he gave the top back?

Sitting up, he grabbed his throbbing, bloody nose and winced.

"It's not because of your chest... or anything about your physical
appearance." he quickly added when her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Well, if it's not because I'm not pretty enough, then what is it, bastard?"
Where did she get the 'not pretty' part? He had never insulted her looks.
"Don't tell me you dragged me all the way down here then changed you mind."

"Changed my mind?" he said, struggling to get to his feet and to stop the
bleeding, "I never made up my mind to begin with! Though, if all you're
going to do is assault me, then the decision should be a lot easier..."

At least she had the courtesy to look sheepish about her action for once...

"Look, you said..."

"I said to 'Wait outside.' That's all."

"Then why did you... look, would you stop that from bleeding, it's getting
kind of gross."

Oh, the nerve of that girl...

"Well, excuse me.  I'll try to bleed less next time you punch me for no
reason what-so-ever." Roy muttered and headed down the hall towards the

Edward followed him into the kitchen and watched the 'colonel' grab a
handful of tissues before settling into a chair and plugging his nose.

"It's never gonna stop like that..." she sighed.

Making her way through a surprisingly clean kitchen, she grabbed a towel
from the counter and dampened it in the sink.

The young general watched as the blonde made her way back across the room,
stopping in front of him and grabbed his jaw, making him look in her

"What are you... ow Ow OW!" He got his answer when the tissue was pulled
away and replaced with a wet rag roughly pinching his nose shut.

"Tilt you head back..." she muttered. He hissed at the pain but complied.

Time passed and the cool towel help the ache in his nose.  He was surprised
that he felt disappointed when her hand pulled away.

She studied his face. Satisfied, she wiped the remaining blood away.

"It's not broken." She said simply and tossed the dirty cloth towards the
counter - it hit the edge and hung there for a moment before falling to the

She shrugged and made no move to pick it up.

"So, what's the deal, Mustang?" she asked, as if he owed her an explanation.

Rubbing his tender nose, he thought about how to proceed.

Might as well start with the obvious...

"Edward... Miss Elric. This whole...thing... is complicated.  Did you really
think this through? Having a baby is a lot of work." A very practical
statement, but Fullmetal often over looked the simple details, so it was
worth saying.

She rolled her eyes and leaned back in her chair, an arrogant grin played on
her face – one she probably picked up from him.

"It's not that complicated. Tab A goes into slot B and you're pretty much

"You know that's not what I..."

"Look, if you don't want to do it just say so.  I'll go find someone

"Yes, yes, I know.  You'll go find someone else to knock you up, I get it."
he cut her off, frowning. "You know, why didn't you find someone else to
begin with?  Why me and not some boy your own age, one that isn't a so
called, 'bastard? What's so special about myself, that you decided to bestow
this 'privilege' on me?"

"There's nothing special about you, jackass." She snorted. "You're just not
as dumb as a lot of folks, I've seen uglier, and you're not too crappy at

"I truly don't know if I should be flattered or insulted." he mumbled, then
paused for a moment, running a hand through his hair.

"Still, why not do it the right way?  Find a nice boy, date, get married..."

"There's no such thing as 'the right way,' Mustang. You can do all those
things and still end up love sick and alone." came the bitter reply. "I've
seen perfect families go to hell, and messed up house holds who ended up
with everything.  It's only the 'right way' if you make it the 'right way.'"

"Just because your father..."

"THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY FATHER!" she yelled, jumping up from her
seat and slamming her fist against the table. "I'm able to take care of a
baby.  I have enough money and I've managed to look after Al since I was
little so I have experience. And you know what? I don't care what else you
have to say, cause all I want to hear is 'Yes' or 'No!'"

He decided not to mention that her brother spent years trapped in a suit of

"I'm having a baby no matter what you say, it just might not be with your
help. So, 'yes' or 'no?'"

He stared at the floor, chewing his thumb nail while he gathered his
thoughts. Finally, he looked up and met her eyes.

"What would I be to this child?"

She paused at the question.  "You don't have to be anything, I guess.  I
don't expect you to do anything, but if you want you can be like... an uncle
or something. Family friend. Whatever, that parts up to you, I suppose." she
said softly, with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

Silence passed way beyond awkwardness before he reached his decision.

"'Yes' or 'no'?" Edward ask softly.

Meeting her eye's once more, Roy Mustang sighed... and nodded.
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