... and despair! (hieronymousb) wrote in fm_alchemist,
... and despair!

Roy x Ed x Al x Hei foursome fluff.

Title: Give Us This Day
Pairing: Roy x Hei x Al x Ed
Genre: FLUFF. Pure, ridiculously fluffy FLUFF. Even though the fic is for Cryo, I did not attempt to put any sort of real plot into this story, as it was meant to be a drabble. FWP. Fluff Without Plot. Vignette, I suppose.
Rating: ...I hate rating things. Mm, probably R.
Warnings: Some sensuality but nothing terribly graphic.
Notes: Set in the same universe as mikkeneko's and cryogenia's Building a Bridge of Magpies. Could read as a distant sequel of sorts [or a sequel to a sequel to a sequel...or some such], or a side story. Fic is a present for cryogenia. Title is courtesy of mikkeneko.
Word Count: 1250

(They're all very different: golden eyes or blue, black and grey, autumn-hued and spring-toned, dark as winter rot and bright as sunshine, sky, and summer. But no matter their differences, they have this in common. This home, this life, the past and the future. Four futures into one. Alchemy could've never predicted it, really.)
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