Athy (awillowweeping) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Noob Fic!

Title: Night Terrors
Author: awillowweeping
Beta-reader: aristastarfyr
Rating: R for disturbing imagry
Genre: horror
Characters: Alphonse, Heiderich
Summary: Post movie: With the return of his memories, Alphonse struggles to deal with certain events that happened in his past.

The sky cracked like ice as the darkness welled up to swallow him. Hands groping-tearing-ripping, sensation was lost and all was nothing but then there was only red.  Red. Red water. Thick and heavy and sticky and warm warm warmer hot hot burning. He was hollow, empty filling with red red water, choking away air and conscious thought.

Children crying, women screaming, men grasping at nothing for a life they lost they need they deserve. They scream at him.  Pain anger sorrow hate burning need and crippling fear.  He was drowning in red, in screams, reaching for the surface that will never come. There was just too much sin to tread.

You. me? You. please.. Your fault. no.. Little boy. not my fault. Lies. no! Little boy!  didn't do it. You did do it. no. You used us. for my brother. Little boy! i didn't kill you. Used us. they would have if i didn't. Used! brother.. Used! help HELP! HELP!  please..PLEASE! PLEASE! brother.. Sorry. i'm sorry.. SORRY!! i'm sorry!  Give it back. i can't..Give it Back! I can't! GIVE IT BACK!

I CAN'T!!!

blue eyes.

Blood exploded outwards from the center of the chalk line circle and painted the walls and books of a child's father's study. Father would be so angry, so angry, mother is so angry. The boy sits in the center of the circle, blood seeping into the floor boards that fell in heavy drops off the boy's body. Skin stained red, always red, smells like blood, smells like pain, mother is so angry.

Mother hates me now.
I really doubt that.

Little boy looks at his reflection in the mirror, but the mirror has blue eyes.
Eyes touch eyes, hands touch glass touch hands. cold glass, cold like water-

The river sang and danced as it pulled with it tiny silver fist that glides along its surface under a sky so blue.  grass was soft and air was sweet and sun was warm.  Warm not like blood. heat love burn need.   Golden sun, golden lion. The world shifted and broke and shifted back again, darkness tearing, seeping, trying, but Golden Lion keeps the black away.

"You're Alphonse Elric."  It was a statement, not a question. The voice calm and as soothing as it could be.


A chuckle as fingers brush through sandy blond hair, broad shoulder blade's leaning back against a tree as clear blue eyes watch the yellow butterfly drift through the air behind Al's head. "I didn't expect you to be so young."

Hazel-brown eyes turn to look over his shoulder, peering up at the tall man. i got a little left behind..

Metal sounds, fires billow, men work muscles beyond their breaking point. Liquid fires, burning hot, pouring moulds and shaping like alchemy but with blood, sweat, and tears. Cinders fill the air and the smoke chokes the air away. The blond stares over papers, eyes fixed and nervous on arrays of lines and numbers and shapes and math and science.

can you atone for your sins?

"I don't know." He looks up from his blueprints with a small smile. "I've never tried." His expression wavers as the world opened up around them. Doors swing and eyes glare and groping, ripping tearing. Fire fills the room as metal monsters take flight in a flare of hot white pain.

Echo voice, echo hollow metal nothing no one no man. i can't give them what they want. Shattered broken, million pieces, torn burlap. dead dead cold metal dead, empty broken.

"What do they want?"  heavy metal head, helmet empty lifted away. Boy lost in empty darkness, huddled inside metal, cold familiar, covered in the scent of blood.

to live.

"Then don't bleed for them. LIVE for them."
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