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The not-so mysterious boy.

hmm...Tried to edit the previous post,not sure it worked.Basically on 'Moofy' and his identity.x3

Today I just got my hands on the purdy latest Animedia issue,whch has really really cool looking FMA images Ed poster by the way,but that's not the point.
The point is,I see a pic of mysterious boy,but instead of not seeing a 'real' name next to him,I see katakanas making up the name 'Raasu'..Raasu.wtf is that? Lass? Ross?...And then,she sees the light >.>;;. Wrath,of course! I personally thought it'd be the Fuhrer,as in the manga,but I actually haven't read this far[lack of pocket money and knowledge of japanese).Maybe we'll later on see the Fuhrer absorb 'wrath' ? .?.?
Apologizes if one already posted on that(though i already qaw quite a few conjectures on 'mysterious boy' being Wrath.) x3....
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