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Episode 32

Sorry for the wait.

- Al goes to attack the boy, but Izumi saves him.
- The boy transmutates part of Izumi-sensei's shirt as his new arm.
- The shirt-arm goes inside Al and takes control of the body.
- Al attacks Ed.
- Al rips the shirt.
- Al punches the kid. "This homunculus who can use alchemy... but... it's different..."
- The boy transmutated his arm into a rock.
- Al tells the boy to "give those back... GIVE THEM BACK"
- Al broke the arm, but the boy re-transmutes it.
- As Ed makes his serpent-spear, the boy makes the same one.
- Winry tells Al to stop it.
- Ed and the boy fight.
- Al tells Winry that the boy is not human and that is his reasoning why they can kill him. Winry says that he is "Izumi's ... !!".
- Ed knocks both blades away.
- The boy states, "This is interesting, huh? This leg for your mother... This arm for your brother... "
- Izumi claps her hands and begins to transmute...


- Izumi makes an earth-quake-like line between them and the boy.
- Al and Ed follow the boy, but run into the "Fuehrer" and Sloth.
- The "Fuehrer" goes on about human transmutation and homunculus. I believe they tell him not to go after the boy.
- Ed says he understands and that he is sorry.
- Sloth unzips her shirt to show Envy that Wrath is in her watery body.
- Scar talks to the old man about his brother. The man tells him to forget it.
- The National Alchemists talk with Scar's mentor.
- Soon, Lust and Gluttony start "shooting" people. Lust uses her fingers as "bullets" and Gluttony makes the shooting noises (very well, I might add).
- Some of the alchemists start shooting and the Ishbal people throw rocks.
- Lust and Gluttony rile up the Ishbal people and then leave.

-= In Izumi's house =-

- Ed and Al ask her for information about the Philosopher's Stone.
- Izumi says that she'll tell them more.
- -= To Greed for a second=- Greed leaves his troop for a bit. Tells them he has to see something.
- Izumi asks if Ed thinks that the Equivalent property is the Truth.
- Al says that is the truth, because man cannot gain anything with out sacrificing something. That is the rule of the world and alchemy.
- Izumi asks if that is really it. Izumi then calls for Mason (who is outside the window with Izumi listening in).
- Mason realized that he just answered and got caught.
- Izumi tells Mason to show them where to learn more.
- They off to see Dante.

- At Dante's house, Lyra answers the door. The two are surprised at this.
- Dante is an old woman and, as Al says points out, "Sensei's sensei."
- Greed is outside the window and then decides to call his troops there.
- Dante says that the Equivalent property is the "absolute Truth."
- Al asks Dante what she knows about the Philosopher's Stone.
- Dante asks if they are searching for it, Al says they're not, that they are --
- Dante starts explaining that the Philosopher's Stone is a dangerous thing and evil and whatnot.
- She then says that Hohenheim sought the Philosopher's Stone.
- "Our father?" Al asks. Ed says that he doesn't care about that and leaves to go outside.
- Greed-tachi are there and tells them to go.
- Kimblee throws an exploding pebble. "It's you!!"
- Greed attacks from behind, Ed punches his face, but something is wrong. His hand was more damaged than Greed's face!!
- "The ultimate shield..." Greed punches Ed in the face.
- Lyra screams and Al and Dante hear it and Al rushes to see what happened.
- Greed's lackeys come into the kitchen.
- "Who are you?" "Kidnappers." "Kidnappers?"
- One of the lackeys has Dante in his arms with a knife up to her throat.
- Al is forced to go along.
- Ed is on the ground, unconscious.

Motherland by Crystal Kay.

Episode 33: Questioning Al
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