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Untitled Genderswitch Chapter 2 Roy/Femme!ED

Title: Untitled
Rating: NR-17 (probably)
Chapter Rating: G
Pairing: Femme!Ed/Roy
Beta: sapphyre_kikyo
Summary: Roy's bitter due to the ungrateful/rude way Edward has treated him since she left the military 2 years ago.  How will he handle her showing up and making one of the biggest request he'd ever heard?
Note: Comments, suggestion, flames, and such are welcomed.
Previous parts: Chapter 1

"I want to have your baby."

What could one say to that, other than:


Did he just say that? Judging by the insulted look Edward was now giving
him, he guessed that it was pretty safe to conclude that it was spoken

"What do you mean, 'No'?'" she asked, hands now planted on her hips in
defiance, as her foot began to tap in impatience.

He shook his head in disbelief before standing to pace behind his new oak
desk and took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

"I mean, 'no'." he stated plainly.  "I have no idea what's gotten into you,
but if this is some kind of joke...well, I must say it's a rather crude and
cruel joke."

It had to be a joke.  The thought calmed him as much as it pissed him off...
but still...

"This is a joke, isn't it, Fullmetal?"

Gold eyes narrowed in irritation and that was answer enough.

"You're not joking, are you?" he tried to confirm anyway, sighing when she
confirmed that she was, indeed, serious.

"No." he answered once again, because -once again- what else was one suppose
to say to such insanity.

"Fine." came the surprisingly compliant answer.

He'd never known Ed to give up on ANYTHING that easily...

"I'll just fine someone else then."

Unfortunately, that was more like the Ed he knew...

"Edward... just, just..."

Just what?  Stop being insane? Stop being so Ed-like yet un-Ed-like at the
same time?

"Just...wait outside. I'll be down in a few minutes."

Satisfied with the answer, the young blond turned on her heels and left,
slamming the door roughly behind her.

No use for polite pretense once she got her way, he suppose.

Bracing himself against the desk, he silently cursed himself for even
considering to consider Edward's proposition.  Of course, he'd been doing
unreasonable favors for that girl since he'd met her – he guess it was just
a bad habit by now.

Breathing deeply, he shrugged his overcoat on, and took a moment to hide the
unfinished work beneath a few signed documents.  What the first lieutenant
didn't know wouldn't kill him - yet - but he would deal with that
problem when he had to.

Right now he had a bigger (smaller?) predicament to deal with.

Gathering his nerve, he sped past one psycho blond (did he just hear her
cock her gun?) and rushed out to meet the other one who glared at him in an
unfriendly manner.

This was why he preferred red heads.

Not ready to discuss matter in such a public place, the general didn't
bothered to address his former co-worker as he passed by, knowing that she
would follow on her own.

She trailed him at a distance till they were out of the military compound
before trotting to catch up and walk beside him.

Silence hung between them as they turned off of the big city streets and
onto a small domestic road.  He took advantage of the moment to look over
his once subordinate.

Fullmetal looked very much like she always did – she still had the same
sharp features and golden hue that he remembered. There were some
changes – hair neatly trim from split ends like it had never been while
she'd worked for the military, and just a touch of makeup.

He would have thought it looked nice if she was anyone other than Edward –
it just seemed too out of place on her.

Her already tinted pink cheeks blushed a deeper shade and it wasn't until
she turned her head away that he noticed he'd been caught staring.

Not bothering to apologize, he looked away and continued down the road,
stopping in front of a tall brick apartment complex.

"My apartment's on the third floor." he mumbled in answer to an unspoken
question as he fumbled with the keys, unlocking the door, and leading her up
the steps to his home.

Roy paused in front of his own door, debating briefly the practicality of
his decision, but hurried and unlocked it as he caught site of the
threatening scowl on Edward's face, as if she picked up on his own

Once in, he stepped aside to make room for her to enter the small entrance

A frown graced his face as he watched her unceremoniously kick off her black
boots and allowed her coat to fall, bunched up, to the floor before heading
farther in to his place and started handling personal items on his mantle
without permission.

"Who's this?" she asked, holding up a framed picture of a young boy.  "You
as a kid?"

"That's my nephew, Johnathan.  He turned four this past month."

"He looks like you."

"Yes. Genetics will do that, Ful – Miss Elric."

She looked interestedly at the photo for a moment longer, before placing it
back on the shelf and poking through the rest of his things.

Roy watched a moment longer before shaking his head, and gathering her
things to set in the closet behind him.

When he turned back around, he stopped cold.

Edward met his eyes and undid the last button on her black blouse and said:

"Let's get this over with."

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