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After the Fall Chapter 3

I havent really gotten a whole lot of feedback on the first two chapters, so I am not sure if everyone likes it. I would like to continue the story if there are alot of people really enjoying it, so please please please tell me what you think, good and bad..
I have been fan fic-ing for less than a week now, and I am still in that stage where I wanna lot of feedback to make sure I am doing it right and that people like my work.

Follow the fake cuts for the first two chapters so far!!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Title: After the Fall, Chapter 3
Author: SeaweedOtter
Beta: none
Characters: Roy x Ed and some implied Roy x Hughes...
Rating: R to NC-17 overall for language and nudity- PG this chapter for a couple of bad words.

Warnings: The story changes the continuity just a little bit from when it takes place at the end of episode 25 in the TV series. It takes place after Hughes' death but before Ed, Al, and Winry take the train to Rush Valley.

Summary: After the funeral for Maes Hughes, Roy was feeling rather... vulnerable.
Copyrights: The characters obviously belong to thier creators, not me.

After the Fall Chapter 3

The driver had long since left the funeral...
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