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[Fanart] 鋼の侍 artdump [14 pictures]

I never get tired of this, but it keeps me from trying to mentally kill people over the phones at work and it also is getting me v. used to drawing the character designs so I can get my doujin pages done. >_>; Mebbe. I'm amused at how intricate this world is becoming as more characters appear. So, beware. Lots of images, all black & white.

Young!Hagane and current!Hagane. I notice I forgot the scars on current!Hagane's arm. Also, young!Hagane reminds me kinda of Yahiko. This amuses me greatly although it's not intentional.

Young!Aru and current!Aru. Yes, current Aru is very scruffy and I can't draw an Alphonse to save my life. *shot at* Well, I'm working on it. >_<;; The fact that Aru is scruffy is something that is making my regular Ed artmuse twitch a lot.

Random backdrop for the win.

See, if I explained this it would ruin the fun of it. Half the fun of drawing these things is the reactions I get at work, and the other half is the reactions I get from my muses. Hagane didn't always *have* his automail arm...

Youngish Ikari. Whee, lots of black.

Nothing at all to do with the story, so I can make it Kenshin's fault. ALL KENSHIN'S FAULT.

Kaji. I knew he'd show up one day. Probably has one of Hohenheim's journals there, and when Hagane finds out there will be a shitstorm kicked up, I'm sure.

One of Izumi's training methods was to give Hagane and Aru heavy sticks with the ends wrapped in leather, strip'em naked and have'em beat the shit out of each other.

I still can't draw girls. Working on it and mostly failing. Hi, Sakaki.

Aru and Ikari. Ikari wandered around after Aru for about half a year. Hasn't thought to mention this to Hagane yet. But then again Aru doesn't know Hagane's alive and Hagane doesn't know Aru's alive. Gonna be interesting when they finally meet up.

Hagane and Kaji conspiring together makes me kinda nervous. Good thing they're raarely together then, I like my sanity.

Coloring test. I, er. Still suck at it. Prolly would be better if I inked the picture before I tried to color it. x_x;;

Ikari can regenerate limbs - part of the cool side of not being human, I suppose.

Youngish!Kaji, from before he was made ronin by his lord being killed. No mon on his dogi because I suck and forgot it (and really haven't designed the crest anyway).

I'm enjoying building this from the ground up. n_n; Wish I could draw better but at least I'm seeing a bit more consistency in my designs as I draw them more and more.

Toldja I wasn't kidding about the picdump volume.
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