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Sequeal to A RoyxEd Christmas

Title: A RoyxEd Christmas-the sequeal
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Pairing: RoyxEd
Warnings: Fluff, Language
Author's Note: You should read my previous part of this A RoyxEd Christmas

Cross-posted to: fma_yaoi and steelandsparks

Ed was a nervous wreck. It had been an entire year since that Bastard Colonel (who was now a General) had made him celebrate Christmas by asking him to marry the man. Of course Ed had said yes. They'd been dating for...what? Five years now? Or something like that...Ed knew he loved the man. But now...why had he picked Christmas of all day's to get married on?!

"Nii-san, are you nervous?" Al, finally back in human form, asked his elder brother.

"Ya, Al. I'm really nervous...hell! I'm getting married in less than an hour!" Ed wrung his hands together and continued to pace back and forth. He and Al were in a back room from the rest of the wedding crowd. Of course, there wasn't a priest of anything (God actually forbid gays...), but Ed and Roy were both in tuxes (Ed's was white, Roy's black). And there was an entire room full of people waiting to hear Roy and Ed say their wedding vows (or the gay equivalent anyways).

"Aw...I don't think you should be, Ed. After all, you love the General, don't you?"

"Ya, Al. I love the fucker...but I can't just be calm! I'm saying that I plan on never leaving Roy again. How do I know you won't need me? And I'll have to..."

"Oh shut it, Nii-san!" Al said, crossing his arms, "I'm old enough to take care of myself. And I have Riza now too."

"I know...It's just so hard to leave you alone...we spent so long working for what we have."

"Which is exactly why you should go say your vows."

"Thanks Al." Both men walked out of the room and into the larger crowd of people. The crowd split to reveal Roy looking just as nervous as Ed at the front of it.

"Ed..." He mouthed silently. Roy restrained himself from running and hugging his lover. His husband.


After all the rights were done, Ed and Roy sat at the table while everyone danced and had fun.

"So why'd you pick today of all days anyways?" Ed tried to ask as casually as he could.

Ed growled when Roy grinned and responded, "So you could never fight me on Christmas again."


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