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After the Fall, Chapters 1 and 2...

This is the first 2 chapters of my first fan-fic. Bear with me, I wanted to put it out and get some ideas on what you guys thought or get some constructive critisisms.. I know there are probably some issues. I apologize. :)

Sorry about the repetitivness, but I am posting chapter 1 again, beause it has been partially beta'ed and I wanted to get what should be the final version of it out there. As you can tell, I keep writing and re-writng chapters alot. That is why it is partially beta'ed, she edited what I had at the time and I changed it ALOT while she was editing it. :)

But I am also posting a raw, unbeta'ed chapter 2.. Fresh meat, MUHAHAHA!! *slaps self* Oh.. sorry 'bout that.

Title: After the Fall, Chapters 1 and 2
Author: SeaweedOtter
Beta: Chapter 1 beta'ed by cuylerjade Chapter 2 no beta
Characters: Roy x Ed (and a tiny bit of Hawkeye emo in chapter 1) And maybe even some implied Roy x Hughes...
Rating: R to NC-17 overall for language and nudity--- PG-13 in chapter 1 for Hawkeye emo, and PG for chapter 2, both have a little language.

Warnings: The story changes the continuity just a little bit from when it takes place at the end of episode 25 in the TV series. It takes place after Hughes' death but before Ed, Al, and Winry take the train to Rush Valley.

Summary: After the funeral for Maes Hughes, Roy was feeling rather... vulnerable.
Copyrights: The characters obviously belong to thier creators, not me.

After the Rain
Chapter 1

The sky had been gray and cloudy that day. Big, black clouds, heavy with moisture, ready to burst forth with their precious liquid. Thankfully though, the rain had held off... "

After the Rain
Chapter 2

It hadnt taken long for the mound of freshly dug dirt that covered the casket of Maes Hughes to become a slick, ugly orange-red mound of mud in front of the tombstone... "

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