baby_kitty_toes (baby_kitty_toes) wrote in fm_alchemist,

The new FMA DS game REALLY sucks.

I got the new Fullemtal Alchemist game for DS yesterday, and i can honestly say the FMA games have hit and all time low.

Not only does the game play suck (it seems to get worse with every FMA game) but now you have to deal with unfun mini-games that do nothing more than cramp your fingers up. 

there's not even a new story to keep you amused!  At least the play station games had a new story!  this one just gives you a crappy butchered up version of the anime.

what a waste of money.  i don't even think i'll finish playing this junk - only reason i won't sell it is cause jake bought it for me.

I should have had him buy harvest moon instead - pretty sad that planting potatoes and milking cows sound more fun than playing a game based on your favorite anime.

don't bother to buy this game.  only reason i can think of to buy this game is just because you want it for part of your collection.  it's not worth playing.

1.  It's a side scroller - no areas to explore and no serect chest to look for.
2. No items - other than dumb bouncing cows that heal you, there's nothing to fine. No potions, level ups, rings, kittens....  nothing.
3. No new story - not only is the story 100% the same as the anime, but the way the chopped it up, you lose half the jokes! The very first 'movie' (and i hate to use the term movie since it's just a few still screens) they make Ed look like a dick to his brother by having him screaming at all because Al got buried in the sand -not- because he was frustated because of all the sand Al mistenedly dropped on him.
4. Crappy extras - the bonue junk is the same junk you fine everywhere else.  
5. You can't save unti you finish the level.
6. Crappy mini games are forced on you between levels - and i do mean crappy. Crapy like: omg hurry and drag the log 1/2 an inch down so armstrong and show off and cut it with his hand! Good! now do it 10 more times so we can drag this out for a realy long time so we can say x amount of hours on the cover!  these are the type of mini games they stick in preschoolers computer games.
7. 90% of the story is told in long scrools of text, barely touching on much of the story. one second your on the train as a kid, then it jumps right to flame vs metal, then to ed getting his automail fixed without scar even showing up, etc...
8. doing alchemy is simple but bother some.  the wall is on one side of the touch screen and the cannon is on the other, so no matter what you have to stop what you're doing, take your fingers off the buttons,  and touch the screen - by the time you do this what ever you were aiming at has already shot you or has moved by the time you fire.  And no matter how many ablities you can only have 2 up at a time and 1 always is a wall it seems.
9. it's over priced.  this is not worth $35 dollars.  this is not worth 35 cents. it might be worth 25 cents - but only to be used as a decoration.
10. no specials.  you can't call al over, you can't level up for power moves, you can't join forces with al for special combo moves.
11. game plays suck.  all yu do is tap the same 1 button over and over and over again. once in a blue moon you might have to jump over something.
12. can't use alchemy on objects to turn them into weapons or bombs or whatever.  sometimes you can do something dumb with it.
13.  hand cramps -  inorder to beat minigames half the time you have to hurt yourself.  you're better off specnding $5 n a hammer and smashing your fingers a few times - at least that way you have $30 left in your pocket.


Jake bought me this game to try and cheer me up, all it ended up doing was disappoint and make me feel worse.  don't waste your money on it

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