c_b_syndrome (c_b_syndrome) wrote in fm_alchemist,

A 'Challenge' to Ficcers...

This started out as a joke running between myself and fictionalizedme in emails because today was just too slow for her at work, and I thought it might be fun to stretch your minds, as well...

I frequently see wonderful descriptions of the characters in prose, but as we all know, writing should engage ALL the senses. One of them that doesn't seem to get the notice that is due, is scent.

So here's the challenge...

Take any character from FMA, and tell me what YOU think that character would smell like. Their "natural" scent. Not the cologne they might wear.

C'mon! I dare ya! ;)

Here are some that we came up with, but of course you might have a different opinion...

Riza – cinnamon. Spicy, somewhat feminine yet STRONG, but with the harsh contrast of gun metal.

Winry – sunflowers, metal and oil.

Maes -- Orange/cinnamon/clove/tea

Roy -- Incense/cinders/ginger/a hint of musk

Havoc -- Ozone/rain forests/freshly tilled earth/straw/with just a touch of gun oil

Schieszka - Book dust/Parchment/Vanilla

Gracia - Apples/rich spices/Sandalwood

Ed would smell like sunshine and steel (like fresh laundry hung out on a hot summer day to dry).

I always thought of Al as smelling like talc. Not baby powder, necessarily, but that clean, warm, powdery kind of smell, which still has the sense of innocence about it.

Okay, I admit it, I'm a card-carrying Sensualist... so shoot me!

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