... and despair! (hieronymousb) wrote in fm_alchemist,
... and despair!

Violent non-con genderswitch smut, oh my.

Title: And We Are Undone
Pairing: Dante (in Roy's body) x Edward, possible hints of Roy/Ed and Elricest if you want to see them
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con, violence (sadism), double genderswitch. Both yaoi and het sex. Slight socketplay.
Notes: Not a new fic by any means. This fic was written during Iron Smut: CRACK [it was also the winner!], a real-time ficcing competition in which participants have one hour and thirty minutes to write a fic. The prompt was genderswitch and a bonus point was given for double genderswitch. I should've tweaked this fic and posted it sooner, but I've been rather preoccupied with other projects.
Word Count: ~4000 | actually not PWP at all, but quite sex-filled so take that as you will.

(Edward would speak to him, eventually. Any good dog would, and despite his obstinacy, the child could be trained. Any man could be trained. It was all about knowing how.)

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