Ru (1954) wrote in fm_alchemist,

umu. Hello, I'm new (somewhat!) andandand yes. Introductions are not my strong point, so I'll take shelter behind fanart.

The original sketch has Ed asking "Is that my cupcake?" I also have alternatives for what he could be saying, such as "Hughes you're going to put WHAT there?" or "Al, I didn't know you could bend that way." or "What do you mean Roy is my father?"

Now the caption is undoubtably "ET phone home." Disregard the fancy shmancy text for I assure you the ET quote is more appropriate.

My toes are cold so goodnight happy people. Nice to meet you all! (officially!)

(ps: if you are in need of screencaps I made a small folder earlier here: Pretend that my stupid comments/humor are not visible and All Will Be Right In The World.)

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