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For be_merry

Title: be_merry's thing
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Rating: R
Pairing: RoyxEd
Spoilers: None that I can see
Summary: Here's something I wrote for my beta, be_merry, not too long ago. Thanks for being my beta and my best friend! I love you! ^_^

Cross posted to: fma_yaoi and steelandsparks

Ed knocked on the door, using his automail to make it heard throughtout the very large house. If that bastard didn't open up soon, Ed was sure that he was going to explode...or just kick down the door.
"I'm coming, Edward!" Roy yelled from inside. When the door finally opened, it revealed the very handsome Roy flour.
"..." Ed stared at the man like he was crazy. Normally, Roy's hair was a dark black, but now it was basically white with black spots. The only real color anywhere on the man were two little black specks that could only have been Roy's onyx eyes. Ed burst out laughing. "Are you serious?!"
"Shut-up!" Roy growled at the shorter man as he let him into the house. "I try to cook you dinner and this is what I get?!"
"Aw...I'm sorry." But the smirk on Ed's face said that he was enjoying this way too much.
"You so are not."
"Are too."
"Are not! Shorty!"
"Calm down...c'mon...the food's almost done anyways."
"What did you make?" Ed asked, pin-pointing in on the word food. "And you wanna explain just how you managed to cover yourself in flour?"
"I was TRYING to make chicken fried steak...but someone had to start pounding on the door so when I was trying to put the flour up on the top shelf, like it's supposed to, I dropt it...on myself." Roy made a small grunt as Ed started laughing again.
"That's what you get for putting it on the top shelf!"
"It's only there so you can't try and kill me with your cooking!"
"My cooking isn't THAT bad!"
"Oh yes it is! You tried to give me a burnt plate last time and called it 'pizza'. I don't think so." Roy glared at the younger man.
"Fine...but at least you can take a bath before we eat."
"Well, go start one while I get your food out, okay?"
"Sure." Ed had been visiting Roy like this for a least a year now, and they didn't even really fight anymore. Teasing and fighting were two different things to most, except them. They didn't really fight since the last fight which was almost four months ago. Ed climbed up the wooden steps to the second floor where the bedroom was along with the bathroom. The bathroom was a large room holding a large tub (it could've been a hot tub), a shower, a toliet, and a double sided sink. Ed realized as he started running his lover a bath that he had more or less moved in with the Colonel. He laughed at himself...a year ago he would've killed someone if they even hinted at the suggestion of the Colonel and himself living together. But here they were...he came over every night. And stayed almost every other night. Even Al and Hawkeye knew about them now...
"Are you planning on joining me, Ed?" Roy asked as he joined the younger alchemist in the bathroom.
" don't care do you?"
"Why should I?" Roy gave him a small grin.
"I dunno..." Ed shrugged slightly before standing back up from the tub to walk over to his lover. "Here." He took a damp washcloth from the side of the tub and wiped Roy's face so that the tan skin could be seen. Gently, Ed ran his human fingers over his lover's face.
"Ed." Roy took Ed's hand in his, covering it with butterfly kisses. Ed smiled slightly before taking his hand away to start undressing the other man. Roy Mustang was a work of art to the eyes of Edward. He was well defined and perfect in nearly every way, which is why Edward always loved to take his clothes off and admire the art that was Roy's body.
Soon they were both undressed and Roy stepped into the tub, realizing that both he and his lover had become aroused by the small task of undressing each other. It was amazing to Roy that he loved the young man so much. "C'mon Ed." Ed nearly jumped into the water, sitting on Roy's lap playfully.
"You're really amazing, you know that?" Ed said.
"You cook dinner...and manage to get flour all over your clothes...and you're still sex on two legs." Roy smirked and squeezed Ed's butt teasingly.
"I'll take that compliment, thanks." And before Ed had another chance to speak, they were kissing passionetly. Ed wrapped his arms around Roy's neck possesively as the older man kneaded his ass cheeks and nuzzled his neck. Ed always had the most interesting scent, Roy told him, oil and sweat. Most people would've said it was repulsive, but not Roy. Roy loved it...reveled in it.
Soon, Roy's fingers were slowly working on Ed, preparing him for the larger intrusion. Ed moaned and thrust upward whenever Roy would curl his fingers to hit that sweet spot. After a few minutes of that, Roy knew his lover was ready. He positioned the boy over him and the slowly lowered the boy down on him. This made Ed moan loudly and dig his fingers (metal and human) into Roy's shoulder.
"You''re going so...slow." Ed managed to say. Usually, Roy was quick, wanting to take his lover as quickly as possible. But not today...why?
"I know..." Roy murmered as he slowly pulled out and then back into Ed. Ed arched into the thrust.
"W-why?" Ed was flushed and panting now. He was used to the fast paced sex...not this slow and lustful sex. It felt wonderful yet painful at the same time.
"I need to tell you something." It always amazed Ed how calm Roy could be...even during sex.
"Then...just...s -say it." He said between small moans as Roy continued to move in and out of him.
"No." Roy wanted to wait until the climax. Then he could say it and have it mean something. Soon, even Roy needed to go a bit faster. The thrusts increased in speed just as Roy started to help Ed along as well. Now neither of them could talk as the passion reached a new level for both of them. After they both climaxed, Roy leaned Ed back, so that Roy was sitting over Ed.
"Ed...I love you." In a whole year's worth of fucking, neither of them had ever said that they loved each other. It was...just something they hadn't said. And now Roy had said it. That's when Ed realized that...he loved Roy Mustang.
"I love you too." Ed said and kissed the man.


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