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Chapter 1 of Let's Go Home

Title: Let's Go Home
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: RoyxEd
Spoilers: This goes past the movie.
Summary: A short fic I wrote a long time ago about how Ed and Al go home and on the way meet my own made-up character Katie. I hope you enjoy.

Cross posted to: fma_yaoi and steelandsparks

A slight breeze made the trees wave over the glass like reflection that the water provided as the seemingly-young man stared into it. He had the most golden orbs for eyes that one could imagine, matching his long, gold hair that was currently pulled back into a tight pony-tail. A soft sigh issued through his lips. The man, now...was Edward Elric, also known as the FullMetal Alchemist. Sitting only a few feet away was another boy. He had a lower pony tail of just a slightly darker golden hair, matched by brownish-gold eyes. He turned to look at his elder brother.

“Are you mad at me, Nii-san?” Alphonse Elric, the younger (though you couldn’t tell by height) brother asked.

“No, Al...I’m not mad.” Edward replied leaning against his gloved flesh hand. The other was his mechanical arm, made entirely of metal. It matched his leg. Those who knew the brothers well, and all of those were back in Amestris, knew that Ed had given his right arm and left leg to bring his mother back (didn‘t work) and then to attach his brother‘s soul (his body given to the gate for his mother) to a suit of armor. And then had been banned to our own world when he went to get his brother’s body back. Which is where they were now. Finally, after six years, the brothers were back together.

But still stuck in our world with no way back.

“Nii-san...maybe there’s another way back?” Al asked hopefully.

“None that I know about.” Ed sighed heavily this time and leaned back. He wore what looked to be a Gentleman’s suit from around the time of World War II. Al on the other hand wore a bright red jacket with his and his brother’s favorite Alchemy symbol. “I already told you...alchemy doesn’t work here unless it’s connected to Amestris.”

“But maybe there is one...” Al suggested, “I mean, there was the one. Couldn’t there be others as well?”

“Yes, but those are gonna be dangerous as well. And we would need blood to open them. Our blood.” Ed growled. They’d been trying to think of a way back ever since Ed and Al had finally destroyed the last gate so that Lust couldn’t use it any longer.

“Yea...but I know you want to go back.” Al turned away from his elder brother.

“I’ve got you here, Al...why would I want to go back?” Ed asked blankly, giving his brother a confused look.

“You want to see the Colonel again, don’t you?” The taller, yet younger, alchemist asked. Ed wind milled, which is hard to do sitting down, and started to splutter.

“I WHAT-!” He demanded, “Why would I want to see that bastard Colonel ever again!”

“Edward...I can tell that you care about him.” Al said simply, meeting his bother’s glare with one of his own. “And you two work together well.”

“I do not.” Edward growled, crossing his arms in his very Edward-like way.

“You do too!” Al retorted. Ed turned back to give him the evil-eye, but was shocked when he saw the girl standing behind Al.

“Who’re you?” Ed asked, blinking rapidly as if he might be imagining the girl. She had long, bleach blonde hair that almost looked silver as it hung down past her shoulders. Her eyes matched the color of her hair as they were silver to contrast Ed’s gold ones. Al turned around to see the girl facing him. She wore a plain, blue skirt and white blouse.

“My name is Katie. And I’m sorry for interrupting and for ease dropping, but did you say something about Amestris?” Her voice was soft and rather sounded like a bell chime, but not quiet as high-pitched.

“Y-yes...” Al stuttered, surprised by the girl’s appearance. Why hadn’t either of them heard her coming?

“I’ve been here for three years. I want to go home.” She stated as she stared at them with her silver eyes. Her face didn’t show an inch of emotion, rattling both boys.

“How’d you get here?” Ed asked, looking at her skeptically.

“The gate, of course.” Katie turned her even look towards him, “Just like you did. My sister needed a body. Like your brother.”

“How did you-?” Al asked but was interrupted.

“I heard about you in Amestris.” She replied quickly, “My father was a military man. And I stayed close to his friends after his death. You know Col. Mustang and First Lt. Hawkeye.”

“We do...but why did we never hear about you?” Ed asked.

“You’ve been gone for six years. I’m only fifteen. Makes me nine when you left. You wouldn’t have heard about me. I only recently learned about you before I came here.”

“What happened to your sister’s body?” Al asked, then realized that that might not be a very polite question to ask, “I’m sorry! You don’t have to tell me!”

“It’s alright.” Katie replied, turning her eyes back on Al, “My sister lost her body when I tried to bring back my father. Similar to your own, except that my father was not quiet as innocent or as good as your mother, I assure you. I just didn’t want my sister to go through life with just me. And well...naturally someone had to give their body. They took hers.”

“Why don’t you have automail then?” Ed asked the girl.

“I do have an automail leg.” She lifted her skirt just slightly to reveal a shapely automail leg. “But I lost some of my insides rather than another limb, as you did.”

“It fits, Ed...maybe we should believe her.” Ed looked over at the girl, still very skeptical of her appearance.

“Who was your father?”

“General Bradley.” She answered, “Or I suppose you would call him Furor?”

“Pride.” Ed whispered, astonished.

“Oh no. He wasn’t Pride until after the transmutation...and we moved away from him quickly. Col. Mustang protected us a lot.” She almost showed an her eyes. But it was gone too quickly for either of them to catch it. “Lily should be with him now.”

“What did you attach her soul to?” The chibi alchemist asked her.

“Edward! That’s really personal!” Alphonse objected to the question.

“Not really. The only thing I had at the time was a toy cat.” She let the corners of her mouth twitch into a smile, “Now she should have a normal body again. But I digress...there is another gate but I can’t do alchemy to open it myself.”

“There’s another gate!” Edward was up in a flash then stopped, “But it’ll take a lot of blood to open it...”

“Oh no. It’s really small. Only large enough for one person at a time, really.”

“How’d they draw it that small?”

“With small chalk, I suppose.” Katie shrugged slightly. “Do you want me to take you there?”

“Yes!” Al and Ed said at once. That was the beginning of going back to their own lives. Their own world. But what a long story it would be.


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