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Helios Dot Net is a multi-fandom RPG that allows Yuri, Yaoi, Hentai, Shounen-Ai, and Shoujo-Ai. It is a place where people may control up to three different characters in a world where not only do their characters survive an everyday life at school, work, and play, but also in another world that allows them to access whatever they wish too! Helios would like to invite you to join~

HDN exists on two world. There is Crystal Midgar, home to everyday citizens that are simply trying to live their lives through work and school; and Helios Dot Net in which people go from server to server and world to world fighting monsters and role playing in an internet plain. Helios Dot Net is what we call the RPG, but it is really a RPG that the people of Crystal Midgar play when they are bored.

Crystal Midgar is similar to regular Midgar of the Final Fantasy VII verse. It is ruled by ShinRa corperation. ShinRa Corp. is the leading company in Crystal Midgar and the ruler of said city. They are the ones that control the business, the food, the homes, everything. With in Crystal Midgar is a type of peace due to ShinRa's authority, though there are those who would like to prove other wise. Beliving that the people needed something to keep them at bay, ShinRa Labs created something revolutionary in the gaming and internet industry: Helios Dot Net.

Helios Dot Net is a virtual reality game created by ShinRa Corp. for all those of the city. As long as they manage a job of some sorts or an education, those people have the head set in their home. Those who play Helios are able to play an avatar based off of their prefered spectations (that are able to change when they wish to) that can participate in events and battle against monsters to earn points and gain levels.

For more information on Helios Dot Net, please check out our community here. On the information page you will be able to find links to Taken Characters, Applications, Places, the rules, and other pages. If you have any questions please contact one of the mods at by emailing them.

At HDN we also currently have positions open for Admin and Mod positions. Turks, Ouran Host Club members, and Noah's all have a bit more duty on some servers then most, so if you have questions please ask through your application or in a regular email (or even here) and we shall try to give you an answer.

-Helios Crew
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