Ter (terrierlee) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: Mr. Fu-centric

Title: Blame the Enemy
Characters: Mr. Fu, and mentions of Ling and Ran Fan
Rating: PG
Summary: Some insight into Mr. Fu's head. Spoilers Chapter 54+

I am a proud servant of the Yao Clan. I find it an honor to serve Young Master. My family has long since protected the Yao Clan, I do not intend to fail at my task. But my granddaughter, Ran Fan, I see the way she looks at Young Master, trying to hide the flush of her face behind her mask, not knowing that her hood betrays her in the wind, showing off a rosy left ear.

When they fought against those weird fellows with the abudance of chi, I should have been present, to avoid what was to come next. I do not fully blame myself, my granddaughter, or Young Master for what happened. Nor do I blame the blond boy and his friends. The ones at fault were the ones who had the sheer greatness of souls in them.

They are to blame.

Soon, Ran Fan and I will return to retrieve you, whether it be with the rest of the Yao Clan or our family alone. We will find you and bring you back Young Master.

Of that I am sure.

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