Catie (catystorm) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[Fanart] 鋼の侍 picdump

I am bound and determined to make you people sick of my samurai fetish. Warning, lots of large images.

I'm slowly building the world around my samurai!Ed (henceforth referred to as "Hagane"), and one of the first characters to appear was Ikari. An obakemono like the ones Hagane hunts, Ikari toes the line between light and dark, and Hagane more often finds him ally rather than enemy.

Yes, it is intentional how much he looks like Hagane.

Hagane is never happy, what the heck? Fear my sucktackular background skills.

Playing with whitespace, don't mind me. Also, fear the crappy gi.

Ikari and Hagane headshots - I was playing with a brush pen. I need a bit more practice with it, but I like it.

Holy crap, shield your eyes, it's in color! Kinda. I still don't know why the shade of his gi turned out to be Kenshinish. I seriously don't. If I blame Kenshin it makes things better, yes?

Two days later, Sakaki and Ikari wandered in. Uh, hi, guys? Fear the chibi?

That's, uh, supposed to be a hand in the foreground. Yanno, I've yet to come up with a reasoning behind the automail in the HnSverse. Uhm. I'll work on that. Gih, background causes pain.

A few of you may remember this picture; and the one above is a similar one only about five years earlier. Look at the little Hagane with his bokken! So cuuuuute.

Ikari, Hagane and Sakaki. No background on this, I don't know why. Pretend like it makes sense for Hagane to be able to transmute the automail.

The road goes ever onward...

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