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Fan-Art: FMA: (2) Edward Elric in a Suit:

Fan-Art: FMA: (2) Edward Elric in a Suit:

(Fake Cut!) Fan-Art: FMA: (2) Edward Elric in a Suit:

These two older fan arts (2-3 months old? Before I'd ever tried my hand at much of anything remotely Anime, certainly) were inspired by (latter, yet unedited chapters of) the "On the Wings on a Dream" Fan-Fic I'm doing with crazyloststar.

There is a section where Ed has dyed hair, and is in a suit and... yeah. ~Insert random dashing moment.~ These were both really, really quick sketches (in graphite, and then in ink/copic marker/colored pencil, respectively). But I found them lying around my HDD tonight and figured it couldn't hurt to share. *smiles*

Please do not redistribute. :) Thank you!


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