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FMA Layouts~

Hey guys~! ♥;;

Couple of things I wanna say. First is, I checked the rules for the community so I know no intro posts are allowed. (I've been around here for awhile anyway~ xD;;) I was just hoping to meet and friend some of you awesome bunch 'cause I really need some more FMA people to squee with. >D;; You know how that goes~ I'm also hoping to find some people to RP with concerning FMA; it's boiling in my blood, I swear. Hope I didn't go overboard with that, Mod. Forgive me if I did~!

Second is, does anyone know where I can find any FMA layouts that I can use? (I've checked the memories section on this too, just to make sure and not make a dumb post.) All credit will, of course, be given where it's due and any help would be very much appreciated! ♥;;

Sorry if this post violates any rules, I made sure to check before posting!

Thanks again!

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