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Major Site Updateyness!

As if anyone cares ;)
Kami no Daikohsha, yes, the insane person's Scar shrine, just got a major overhaul. Well, minor. It still looks weird and stuff, but there's all kinds of new content. OK, a few new things. If you haven't seen it since the last post I made, there's scads of new pics up.

I was wondering if the person who has the Black Hayate Shrine would remind me where it's at? I lost it, and I'd like to link it. It's so cute!
If anyone else has a FMA website they wouldn't mind me linking to, let me know :)

I guess this should go behind a cut so I don't enwiden your friends' page.

Sorta defines the site.

Killing State Alchemists Is Love

Coming soon: How to make your own Arm-O-Doom and much much more!
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