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"Jean Havoc: Work In Progress" YAY, Volume 10 is OUT!

Author: havocmangawip 
“Jean Havoc: Work In Progress”
Chapter: Chapter 38 - “The Dog Days”
Word Count: 17,000 and a bit. (Lots of exposition, but it's made up for with by some NC-17 action at the end.)
Beta Reader: snakecharmerfox, seven-virtues, galuxkitty, azysapphy in various capacities! THANK YOU!
Rating: Mature/NC-17
Spoilers/Warnings: Chapter 38+ in great detail. Spoilers for Xing manga characters. If you aren’t up to chapter 52 + in the manga, proceed with caution.
Author’s Note: This chapter took a long time to finish, and for that I apologize. There are references to certain psychological terms and theorists and I’ve not changed them to fit the setting. You can use Wikipedia for further information. I hope that if you enjoy this chapter that you review or utilize the private messaging function, as I love feedback and knowing that my writing is reaching people.
Table of Contents
Chapter 38: The Dog Days

Crossposted to: fm_alchemist and hagaren_manga . Since Tankoubon 10 has just come out, I thought it was appropriate. (I'm so excited, I HOPE there will be lots more fiction out there in the mangaverse!) My HTML FAILS... it's spammed.  DIES DED of shame.

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