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Art Therapy

Hello! I've been lurking around LJ and this community for a while, but I haven't made any contributions of my own until now. It's about time, right?Here's some Fullmetal Fanart I thought y'all would appreciate. :D

I've never thought much about painting pants, but when I saw the work my friend sarenafair did for Vic, I couldn't resist buying a pair. I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality. My camera phone has a MUCH more successful career as a phone then it does as a camera. > <

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sarenafair uses Fabric markers and while it's safe to wash the clothing she's drawn on, you really should turn the fabric inside out to perserve as much of the color as possible. Stupid me didn't think to do that and as a result I was left with a rather bland Ed and Roy. By chance I met an awesome chick named Amanda through MySpace and since she lives about an hour away from me, we got together so she could take a look at the damage done and introduce me to fabric paints.

Here's a sample of her stuff I'm posting with permission!

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After watching her do the touch ups on my pair I thought "I can totally do this!" So I took them home and made adjustments to certain aspects of that pair for practice before getting to work on my own. So with the first pair above, sarenafair did the outline and the transmutation circle is left untouched so it's all her! Amanda painted over everything else and I repainted Roy's coat, hair, and both of their faces. I also redid part of Ed's hair and shoes.

Now for my work in progress. Crappy photo again but hopefully you can make out the picture well enough. This is my first attempt by myself and I'm VERY proud of it.

All I've left to do are some touch-ups on his face. After that, I'm writing the famous verses from

Ripley's 12 Gates in The Compound of Alchymy

in copper behind him and on one of the back pockets. When it's all done I'll get better pictures along with some of the other FMA art projects I'm currently working on. Let me know what you think ^ ^


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