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should win the nobel prize for evil


Just to be clear, this is neither about licensing or the dub. It's a suggestion for the community. Take it as you will.

I really really REALLY think there should be a cap on how many posts can be made about the same topic in one day. I hardly call myself a mod so I'm not so arrogant as to suggest a number myself but something reasonable because people's Friends lists are getting mega-flooded. At the risk of sounding vicious, I would point to those little things at the botton of posts called 'comments.' They work just as well as individual posts to express you opinions on the same subject.

Now, I also understand that LJ comms are meant to be live and having just ONE post about crucial topics like these would be asking a bit much. BUT limiting the identical posts to a certain number seems quite reasonable in my opinion because people CAN use commments once in a while. Everyone does not need their own precious post unless they are going to add something (link, essay, photoshop-ed image, icon, ect...) that HAS NOT been already used.

Yes, I know searching for information in a cluttered community is hard but it's hard BECAUSE so many people post the EXACT SAME THING. And yes, I know sifting through at 300+ comment post is harrowing, which is one of the reasons I don't propose to limit same-topic-posts to just one. Though, if you REALLY care about information or a topic, you WILL delve through those topics for your answers. In other words, stop being lazy.

Or maybe if the limit idea is too extreme, people could just be required to put similar posts under an LJ-cut (as this poster has so kindly done) after a certain amount of posts are made. Same concept as creating a cap but perhaps more agreeable since it doesn't stop people from posting and releasing their anxiety. But this ginormous posts that virtually mirror each other are irritating and unecessary in their current incarnation. They are also inconsiderate. Anyone who has this community linked must be practically ripping hair out at this point. (I know I am.)

BTW, this refers to the mass posting when new eps come out and people babble about the same thing as well. It's not a just this week problem. It's been around for a while.

I don't think these complaints/demands are too vicious and if other people think so, maybe they can provide their own solutions (that don't include: "OMG. What is wrong with you? The comm is fine!")

I apologize for resurrecting this topic but seeing as I did have new suggestions to add and the fact that the original is probably beyond buried, I figured it wasn't too evil. If you feel otherwise, call me a hypocrite. I'm used to it. Still, I really think we need some way of cleaning up the community because sometimes we do seem rather ridiculous and it's a shame because we represent a very mature series.

Reply if you wish. But if it's going to be in net speak, I'd rather you not bother. Just post 'STFU bitch' and be done with it. But I would appreciate some actual opinions.

EDIT: Originally, this did go below a recent post but that poster was more considerate than some and I felt bad about snarking at her. I wanted to assure that this point is not directed at anyone specifically.
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